Canyon del Oro Takes Home 4A State Title Glory

Canyon del Oro Takes Home 4A State Title Glory

Inside Look

The Canyon del Oro high school football team has done it! In a nail-biting final, they took home the 4A State Title first time since 2009. The championship game was a fierce battle between the CDO Dorados and Yuma Catholic. Lets take an in-depth look at the game highlights, player performances, coaching strategies, and opposition evaluations. From the initial stage to the biggest moments of the game, we have got you covered. We will also discuss what this victory means for high school football in Tucson and future prospects for CDO post-victory. Join us as we celebrate this remarkable win by CDO and reflect on their journey to becoming state champions once again.

The Championship Game - An Overview

Witness the epic showdown between two powerhouse high school football teams in the thrilling 4A state championship game. Feel the rush of adrenaline and witness the unwavering passion and determination as these exceptional teams compete for the ultimate prize. Both teams boast rich legacies and a history of excellence in their programs. While many experts and media outlets predicted Yuma Catholic to emerge victorious, the Dorados had different ideas and were determined to defy expectations.

Unfolding of the Game

Canyon Del Oro initiated their running game early in the match. On his initial attempt, Kayden Luke rushed for 11 yards and then followed it up with a 21-yard gain on the next play. The Dorados advanced down the field successfully using their ground game and ultimately scored their first touchdown through a powerful run by Kayden Luke. Yuma Catholic wasted no time in responding, as Nash Ott threw a 40-yard pass to Sir Stokes, bringing the Shamrocks to the 5-yard line. Tayt Ford completed the drive with a touchdown run. However, what truly shifted the momentum in favor of the Dorados was Chase Laux's end around run that resulted in an impressive 80-yard touchdown. Canyon Del Oro remained committed to their ground game and ultimately found success with Kayden Luke, who scored another touchdown. Although Tayt Ford had an amazing game as well on the ground finishing with 3 touchdowns for the Yuma Catholic Shamrocks, Canyon Del Oro displayed unwavering determination and successfully completed the task.


Canyon Del Oro's championship game was a remarkable feat, as they secured a win with a score of 35-27. It takes immense dedication and hard work to achieve such a victory, and the team's efforts certainly paid off. This win is not only a testament to their skills but also reflects their teamwork and perseverance. Congratulations to Canyon Del Oro on an outstanding performance!

5 Star Player Of The Game

Kayden Luke RB ended the game by accumulating 217 rushing yards, along with scoring 2 touchdowns.


What Does this Victory Mean for High School Football in Tucson?

CDO's triumph in the 4A State Title football game has solidified Tucson's status as a powerhouse for high school football. The victory elevates the standards and appeal of the sport in the region, shaping its narrative and leaving a lasting legacy.