Playoff Standout Players: Open Division

Playoff Standout Players: Open Division


The Open Division playoffs in Arizona High School football are ongoing, and they are displaying an impressive array of talent, determination, and exhilarating moments. During the first week of the playoffs, there were a number of exceptional performances that made a lasting impact on the football field. From crucial plays to awe-inspiring showcases of skill, here are a few players who showed out during the Friday night Quarterfinals of the Open Division Playoffs.

Open Division Match-Ups:


#2 Basha vs. #7 ALA Queen Creek

24' Demond Williams Quarterback

Williams put on a remarkable display of his exceptional passing skills and demonstrated his versatility in the running game, using his agility to extend plays. In total, he accumulated 376 passing yards and scored 4 touchdowns through the air, while also rushing for 109 yards on 20 carries and adding another touchdown on the ground.

24' Enoch Watson Quarterback

Despite falling just short of victory, Watson had a remarkable performance for ALA as he skillfully guided his team across the field, consistently making collegiate-level throws throughout the drives. Ultimately, he ended the game with a total of two touchdowns.

#1 Liberty vs. #8 Hamilton

24' Navi Bruzon Quarterback

On Friday night, Bruzon showcased his exceptional performance for the Lions by accumulating 237 passing yards and scoring a touchdown. Additionally, he demonstrated his versatility by rushing for 95 yards and achieving three touchdowns.

24' Avery Knight Running Back/Wideout

Knight had an impressive performance against Arizona's formidable defense. He demonstrated his versatility by making impactful plays and gaining significant yardage on runs, as well as showcasing his strength by successfully scoring on the goal line. By the end of the game, Knight accumulated approximately 150 yards and scored two touchdowns for Hamilton.

#3 Centennial vs. #6 Desert Mountain 

24' Noah Carter Athlete

Carter further demonstrated his status as one of the top two-way players in Arizona by making significant contributions to the Coyotes in all areas of the game on Friday night. He scored a touchdown with a 35-yard punt return, made a sack on defense, and had some notable receptions on offense.

24' Cassius Atherton Defensive Line

Atherton's performance for the Wolves was outstanding, as he consistently created difficulties in Centennial's running game by pressuring the A and B gaps. Additionally, he managed to apply some pressure on the opposing quarterback.

#4 Chandler vs. #5 Highland

24' Ca’Lil Valentine Running Back

In a defensive showdown against Highland, Valentine was responsible for Chandler's sole two touchdowns. He expertly exploited gaps in the opposing team's defense and utilized his formidable running technique to secure additional yardage. By the end of the game, Valentine had amassed an impressive total of 91 yards along with his two touchdowns.

24' Hudson Schambach Kicker

In a low-scoring game, Highland's kicker Hudson Schambach demonstrated the crucial role of specialists in important matches. He successfully converted all four of his field goal attempts, with his longest being from 41 yards. Additionally, he made the point after touchdown (PAT) for the Hawks. Schambach's last kick occurred late in the fourth quarter, increasing Highland's lead to 5 points and requiring Chandler to score a touchdown in order to make a comeback.